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What’s the Best Approach to Managing E-Scooters in a City?

E-Scooters have taken over the streets in cities across the world and the US has been the epicenter of the e-scooter phenomenon where companies like Bird and Lime took disruptive measures to introduce their new services to the market. The...
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How to Provide Value For Residents?

The above is a question that comes to mind for many cities and city managers. The City of Fife, Washington, decided to tackle this question head-on. Fife is a city with a young, family-oriented population of 10,000 residents, many of whom commute...
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Use Cases: How West Sacramento is Using Data to Address the Challenges of Democracy in the Modern World

This year, at Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley 2018, held in Santa Clara, California, one of the guiding themes was “People First Cities.” In this context, West Sacramento, ZenCity’s first, pioneering US client, presented on “The Citizen-Centric...
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