How to Provide Value For Residents?

The above is a question that comes to mind for many cities and city managers. The City of Fife, Washington, decided to tackle this question head-on. Fife is a city with a young, family-oriented population of 10,000 residents, many of whom commute outside of the city on a daily basis to get to work due to its close proximity to one of the main highways into Tacoma, as well as being just a stone’s throw from the Port of Tacoma.

Fife City manager, Hyun Kim, discusses in our new video how Fife uses ZenCity for its city government’s needs. The experienced city administrator, who most recently was the Finance Director of Boulder City, Nevada, and the Town Administrator for Afton, Wyoming, describes how ZenCity fills the void and provides value and understanding for both city officials and residents alike.  

Most city residents are too busy to be an active part of the decision-making process and the work of the city council, making them disconnected from many of the city’s efforts. They aren’t participating in traditional feedback processes like town hall meetings, but they are active in an online setting through channels like social media. To overcome the challenge of less engaged residents, Fife decided to use Artificial intelligence to gain sentiment and social media insights that it would not have the manpower to otherwise analyze. The city is then able to leverage it for the community’s needs. This allows the local government to find ways to digitally connect directly with the citizen.

To learn more about how AI and ZenCity provide value for Fife residents, please check out the video below.



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