How to Get Your City-Proposed Ballot Measure Passed

City-sponsored ballot measures and general obligation bonds are usually high stakes and often involve significant funding requests that can also influence the budget capacity of basic services within local government. To be sure that city hall has its pulse on what voters are thinking, they need to use all the technological tools at their disposal to know if they can succeed.

At ZenCity, we had the opportunity to work with cities from across the country and learn what worked and what didn’t first-hand. With our new guide, A Guide to Getting your Ballot Measures Passed: From General Obligation Bonds to Tax Measures, and Beyond, you, at city hall, can learn:

  • How to reach out and engage with your residents about ballot measures
  • Where to get their real feedback on the ballot measure before they vote
  • How to take a more data-driven approach to getting your measure passed
  • And much more!

Download the guide and happy reading.


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Traci Siegel

Written by Traci Siegel

Policy Geek
A Harrisburg, PA, native, now based in Tel Aviv. I'm passionate about data-driven policy for local government, optimizing efficiency for cities, good music and my adorable dog, Nina.