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What is the Zencity AI Assistant?

The Zencity AI Assistant is a new AI-powered feature in the Zencity platform that enhances speed and productivity in collecting and analyzing community input. Today, it automates engagement setup in 3 minutes and provides a conversational data interface that links various data streams, offering clear insights into survey results and social media feedback. Future enhancements will include advanced data analysis, personalized recommendations, and real-time feedback. Be first on the list to hear about these future updates and advancements.

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Instant Data Analysis

Ask "why" questions about survey results and get explanations using social media data as context.

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Access On the Go

Coming soon - integrate with Microsoft Teams and Slack, making your Zencity assistant a virtual team member during meetings.

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Automated Reports

Stay tuned for groundbreaking capabilities in generating reports and updates exactly when you need them.

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What to Expect?

We take you from distribution to analysis so you can focus on the next steps.


Exclusive Access

Be part of a select group of early adopters testing the new AI Assistant capabilities.


Continuous Updates

Benefit from ongoing improvements and new feature rollouts throughout the beta period.


Direct Feedback

Share your insights and help shape the future of the AI Assistant.

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